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LUZ HERNANDEZ MINISTRIES is a prophetic and apostolic ministry. Together with her husband, and kids living in Tampa, Florida, they have founded and actively lead, CDP City Church. They also fulfill their apostolic mandate by overseeing several daughter churches in the Southeast of the United States. 

Her journey is proof of the power of faith to transform and the opportunities life can offer to those who dream. 

Born in a poor village in the Dominican Republic, and raised by her grandparents until she was 5 years old. She experienced many difficult moments including abuse that marked her life forever. She then traveled and settled in New Jersey for 29 years and later moved to Florida. She has lost 2 of her siblings tragically, and unexpectedly including the most recent in 2021, her younger brother. 

During a determined time, she began to receive revelations and visions that led to a greater spiritual awakening, allowing her to answer the call into full-time ministry. Her life struggles and low valley seasons have given her a heart for the lost, a discerning eye for the hidden treasures within people, and a clarion voice to call dead bones to life and into a greater awakening that will connect them to their life assignment. 


She travels to cities and nations preaching Jesus, as she yearns to see revival globally. She has joined hands with the Holy Spirit to be a facilitator to the body of Christ. Daily, people are being transformed, activated, and equipped for the glory of God.  Her mission is to spread the message of hope, love, and faith to all those who will listen. She desires for them to find comfort in knowing that they too have a special purpose in this life.

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